Services provided by ALTASOL-REAL include the following:

  • Acquisition services - analysis and due diligence of potential acquisitions and dispositions of assets for investors in commercial, residential and industrial properties throughout Southwest Florida.

  • Asset  management -  managing and improving the performance of real estate assets covering different types of property, including office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, apartment complexes and other residential assets. These assignments encompass the oversight of the management of leases by designated providers, renovating or upgrading a property’s physical condition and revenue streams, refinancing maturing mortgages and generally maintaining a property’s economic viability.

  • Sales - develop and manage an exit strategy for client properties

  • Contracting  services - arrange for and coordinate the services of other professionals and consultants to help make investments and manage properties

  • Advisory - serve as a consultant or advisors to real estate investors

  • Research services – monitor and validate real estate market conditions and developments in Southwest Florida including demographics, cap rates, occupancy rates, rental rates and other pertinent investor  information.

  • Special Projects - Risk Management Services(for financial institutions) including strategic, governance, compliance and FATCA projects for banks and wealth management units.  Provided formerly through ALTASOL-Risk Management Services

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